Using Cognitive Science to
Help Improve People’s Lives

Digital solutions that are affordable and convenient for customers worldwide

Silver Oak Health’s mission is to help improve the quality of lives of people around the world. The company uses research in Cognitive Science to solve mental health, behavioural, learning and neuropsychological problems. Using technology, the company offers digital solutions to help overcome social stigma, give easy access to proven programs, as well as offer affordable solutions to people worldwide


Health Related Quality of Life Assessment

The Health related quality of life assessment gives a snapshot of your well-being. This includes emotional, social and physical aspects of your life. HrQoL gives you insights on:

Physical Functioning

Emotional wellbeing

Social functioning


Stress Control Online is India's first online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) program. It helps anyone learn techniques to manage Stress and its reactions like Anxiety and Depression, from the convenience of their home.

8-week online program

Therapist aided

Evidence based online CBT program


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