About the company -1

Silver Oak Health founders’ mission is to help improve the quality of lives of people around the world by using latest research in cognitive science to develop and market affordable and convenient psychological solutions. Through this effort, the company hopes to help people overcome social stigma and gain access to solutions that would not have been otherwise possible for many due to limited access to professionals. The company also hopes to offer scalable solution that will solve the low psychologist to patient ratio challenges in developing countries around the world.

The company is based in Bangalore and uses intellectual property from best known Clinical Psychologists and research institutions around the world to develop digital products in India, and provides affordable solutions to customers worldwide. Silver Oak Health hopes to touch the lives of millions of people in India and rest of the world and help them achieve high quality of life.

Silver Oak Health has successfully launched an evidence-based online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program called Stress Control Online in August 2016. To develop this program, the company signed an agreement with Dr. Jim White, one of UK’s best known Clinical Psychologist to convert a proven, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy program called Stress Control into a digital product to help people that are facing mild to moderate stress, anxiety, depression, sleep disorder and substance abuse. This is an 8-week online program that people would log in and experience at home with the support of trained therapists using phone and video. The content license is based on Stress Control, UK’s most widely used CBT program within the National Health Services (NHS). This cloud-based CBT product can be used on computers as well as various mobile devices. The current version of Stress Control Online is designed for use with normal internet speeds that are typically available in developing countries, and it is localized to suit the urban India population. The product is also designed for easy localization into other languages worldwide. The author Dr. Jim White was involved in the development of this online solution, and the final product is of world-class quality. People who have gone through Stress Control Online program has given excellent feedback about the quality and the efficacy of the 8-week therapist aided program.

Mental healthcare is largely unaddressed worldwide, particularly in developing countries. Depression is ranked only next to heart disease as the leading healthcare challenge in most countries, including India. These challenges are likely to increase over the years due to pressures related to job, relationships, finances and urban migration. Mental health problems affect people of all ages – from children, adults and geriatric population. While treatments are available for mental health challenges, due to social stigma and lack of awareness, many do not reach out to professionals. In countries like India, there is a severe shortage of mental health professionals, and most of the trained professionals in clinical psychology, speech and language therapy as well as occupational therapy are concentrated in urban areas, leaving a shortage in other parts of the country.

According to World Health Organization, around 450 million people around the world are currently undergoing various mental health challenges, making it the leading health disability problem worldwide. The initial segments that we are addressing include mild to moderate stress, anxiety, and depression. In developed countries, one in four people have reported severe depression at some point in their lives. In India, latest study report from the National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences (NIMHANS) indicate that 13.7% of the population suffers from serious mental health challenges, and as much as 10% of the population experience moderate levels anxiety and depression in their daily lives. The current solutions including face-to-face therapy has not catered to the needs of a large numbers of people, and so solutions like Stress Control Online are changing the way how mental health services are delivered in the country.

It is also estimated that over 30% of all the cases that the General Physicians encounter are psychological in nature that require psychological interventions rather than medication. Very often, physical health and mental health issues occur together. The goals of behavioural health interventions like Stress Control Online are similar to those of other primary care treatment. We want to help people live a healthier and productive life.