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To be mindful is to be aware of the present moment, non-judgementally. This holds special significance in the workplace where it is essential for employees to be aware and alert to the present moment. This enables them to deal with the task at hand in the most efficient and creative manner possible, without being bogged down by future concerns or past failures.

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Why do companies need to be mindful?

Workplace stress is a well-known reality, and a common one at that. Mindfulness is not a quick fix. What sets it apart from several other corporate stress management techniques that have varying success rates, is its long term impact on an individual, his/her family, and the organisation as a whole.

  • Research shows that organisations that have adopted mindfulness practices experience marked reductions in employee stress and burnout rates.

  • Mindfulness has also been found to improve communication in the workplace and make employees more resilient while managing conflicts.

  • It enables a person to take a step back from any situation and consider alternative perspectives before resorting to behaviors that are less effective but more habitual.

Mindfulness Workshops

Our series of workshops introduces participants to the multiple applications and benefits of mindfulness. The workshops include exercises that enable participants to experience mindfulness and develop an understanding of its invaluable contribution in various life contexts – creating a work-life balance, growing as a leader, interpersonal relationships, to name a few.

Mindfulness for Everyday Life

(Duration:75 minutes)

This workshop introduces employees to the concept of mindfulness and its various facets through experiential exercises and real-life examples. Participants will learn useful mindfulness practices that will help them develop clarity, focus and compassion towards others. The workshop includes a number of mindfulness practices that will help participants gain valuable life skills to cope with stress in their lives.

Mindfulness for Leadership

(Duration:90 minutes)

This workshop has been designed to introduce managers to mindfulness skills that will help them become more effective leaders. The participants will learn to live in the moment, cultivate focus, better manage stress, as well as become more innovative and effective leaders.  The workshop includes practical mindfulness exercises that will help them make thoughtful decisions, and lead organizations by inspiration.

We also offer customised onsite and offsite mindfulness workshops, based on your organisational requirements.

Conflict Management and Mindfulness
Focusses on building effective communication skills, assertiveness as well as mindfulness for better management of conflicts at the work place.
Relationships and Mindfulness
Emphasises the importance of relationships in our own healing. Concepts in mindfulness like pausing, observing and self-compassion are focused on to deal with relationship stress
Mindfulness for Stress Management
Demonstrates how cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness techniques can be used to combat stress and make people more resilient to whatever life throws at them.

Find out more about how you can make your organisation a mindful one.

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Silver Oak Health has helped introduce mindfulness in several multinational companies.